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angle-left Changes in travel cards - Waltti travel cards should be upgraded to account-based by October 13

Changes in travel cards - Waltti travel cards should be upgraded to account-based by October 13

The Waltti ticket and payment system for public transport has gone account-based in the past couple of years. Account based means that the details of the season and value tickets are on the server instead of the travel card and on the customer's travel account, for which the travel card acts as a customer identifier.

However, not all old card-based travel cards have been able to be automatically transferred to an account-based background. Nationwide, there are about 6000 of these cards, some of which are already decommissioned. Holders of these cards have already been told in the Waltti Store since the summer that the continued use of the card requires a service desk by September 15, 2023.

A message has emerged at the Waltti store: “Your Waltti travel card requires action at your city service point. If you wish to use the card after 15 September 2023, the card must be updated or changed to a new one as it has not been possible to automatically update it to account based.” The new card can be used free of charge.

Now is the last time to visit the service point (Carelicum Services, Koskikatu 5) with such a card, but by 13 October 2023 at the latest. After that, the value that may remain on the card will no longer be available or transferable to the new card.

Renewal of the Waltti brand

The Waltti brand has been around for ten years now. TVV Ticket and Payment System Oy (LMJ), which produces Waltti ticket, payment and passenger information solutions for public transport nationwide, has changed its name to Waltti Solutions Oy. At the same time, the Waltti brand has been revamped.

The new Waltti travel cards will feature a redesigned, purple-based Waltti logo. However, you can travel with an old, orange-based Waltt card. Cards with the new logo will only become available when the former card stock at Carelicum is depleted. Simultaneously, the new Waltti brand will also be updated on the JOJO website at