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angle-left New student, welcome to Joensuu! - The winners have been found

New student, welcome to Joensuu! - The winners have been found

Altogether 185 students took part in our lottery. The 100 winners have been found. The winners will receive by email a one-time discount code that can be used in Waltti web shop.


Thank you for taking part in our lottery.


In honor of the autumn and the start of studies, Joensuu Region Public Transport, or JOJO, will receive a free 30-day season ticket for 100 students starting their studies.

New students studying full-time at Karelia University of Applied Sciences or the University of Eastern Finland can participate in the competition. The value of the prize depends on the number of zones to travel.

The competition time is 5 September — 30 September 2023.

Terms of Competition:

• Entry to the competition by filling out information on the entry form online: Waltti-arvonta

• You must study full-time at the University of Eastern Finland or Karelia University of Applied Sciences. The full-time study lasts at least 8 months. As a student, you may be a foreign exchange or degree student.

• You can only enter the competition once.

Winners will be sent an email in October with a one-time promo code valid at the Waltti Store until November 30, 2023. The benefit cannot be exchanged for money or given to another person.

The competition is organised by public transport in the Joensuu region (JOJO) and the city of Joensuu.