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angle-left Bus services affected by strike on 14th December

Bus services affected by strike on 14th December

The strike affecting the JOJO bus services on 14th December includes Länsilijat, Savonlinja and Savo-Karjalan Linja.

Länsilinjat - the local lines in Joensuu city: (JOJO lines 1-13)

Lines 1, 2 and 4 will be partly operated. The schedules are here


Savonlinja - Liperi-Joensuu-Hammaslahti lines (JOJO lines 101-131):

Services are interrupted.

Savo-Karjalan Linja - Joensuu-Kontiolahti lines (JOJO lines 201-215)

Services are interrupted.


Triviabus - Noutopoika -Demand responsive Transport

All lines are operating normally.


Outside JOJO lines Savonlinja will operated some services on lines: Ilomantsi-Joensuu, Joensuu-Polvijärvi, Rääkkylä district, Savonlinna-Joensuu, Joensuu-Kuopio, Juuka-Nurmes. Check the timetables here.


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