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angle-left Bus services affected by strike on 14.-15. February (updated 13.2.2024 at 16:40)

Bus services affected by strike on 14.-15. February (updated 13.2.2024 at 16:40)

The strike affecting the JOJO bus services on 14.-15. February includes Länsilijat, Savonlinja and Savo-Karjalan Linja.

Länsilinjat - the local lines in Joensuu city: (JOJO lines 1-13)

Line 2 operated partly. See the timetable here.

Savonlinja - Liperi-Joensuu-Hammaslahti lines (JOJO lines 101-131):

The list of operated lines is here: during the strike operated JOJO-lines

Savo-Karjalan Linja - Joensuu-Kontiolahti lines (JOJO lines 201-215)

Lines 205, 206, 211, 212 and 208 will be operated normally.

Line 202 will operate some shifts:

klo 7:00 Kontiolahti-Joensuu-Nepenmäki

klo 8:00 Nepenmäki-Joensuu-Kontiolahti

klo 9:00 Kontiolahti-Joensuu-Nepenmäki

klo 10:00 Nepenmäki-Joensuu-Kontiolahti

klo 11:00 Kontiolahti-Joensuu-Nepenmäki

klo 14:05 Nepenmäki-Joensuu-Kontiolahti

klo 15:05 Kontiolahti-Joensuu-Nepenmäki

klo 16:05 Nepenmäki-Joensuu-Kontiolahti

Triviabus - Noutopoika -Demand responsive Transport

All lines are operating normally.


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Reimbursement from Waltti season ticket during bus strike on 

Public transport in the Joensuu region grants compensation for the period of the Automobile and Transport Workers' Union AKT strike, if the season ticket valid on the Waltti card or Waltti application could not be used on the Waltti bus services.

The way of compensation will be told later. All compensations due to strike days during December 2023 and February 2024 will be actualised at the same time later.