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angle-left MobilePay launches new app on 23 January

MobilePay launches new app on 23 January

MobilePay will release a new version of the app on Tuesday morning, January 23, when the new app will replace the old MobilePay app. The introduction of the new app is easy and the app downloads to the phone, depending on the settings, either automatically or by updating it from the app store on your phone.

It is a good idea to log in to the new app once before using the new app to pay. This is good to keep in mind if you plan to use the app for payment in an emergency, for example, in public transport.


To log in to the new app, you need your PIN number

  • The new version replaces the current one and login takes place from the same application icon as before.
  • If you have forgotten your PIN, you can also enable the new PIN with your bank codes or mobile certificate.
  • The new MobilePay is automatically updated for the majority of customers in the background.
  • The card and account information used to pay will be automatically transferred to the new version.
  • If the phone's automatic updates are not turned on, the app can be updated from the app store on your phone.


With the change, user accounts will remain unchanged. The user's own data, as well as card and account information, is automatically transferred to the new application. When logging in to the new application for the first time, a personal code is used. If you have forgotten your own code, you can also use bank IDs or a mobile certificate to authenticate. If you want to use a profile picture of the previous version in the application, it must be re-set. You can read more on MobilePay's website here.


The security of the new application has been further increased

Among other things, security has been increased with each user being in the app under their official full name, including any other names. It is no longer possible to use a nickname, nickname, or invented name in the application. The user's full name will automatically enter the new application and cannot be changed by itself. This makes payment more transparent and secure. In addition to strengthening security, MobilePay also brings other improvements to the app, as well as completely new features, to provide its users with the best possible user experience. For the same, it wants to create a platform that is also designed with possible future needs in mind. Both the new features and the use of the new application will be explained in more detail in connection with the upcoming launch.