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In Joensuu Region buses we use nationwide Waltti travelcard. Tickets are priced according to zones and customer category. The price of your ticket depends on whether you travel within one or more zones.

Tickets and fares

Kertalipun ikoni
Single ticket
For single trips
Päivälipun ikoni
Day ticket
Waltti ikoni
Waltti travel card
For regular use
(25 years and older)
(17-24 years)
and students
(7-16 years)
Zone Single ticket Mobile ticket Hilja ticket*
City zone 2,00 €

2,00 €

2,00 €

1 zone

A, B or C

3,80 €

3,40 €

2,00 €

2 zones

AB or BC

5,00 €

4,50 €

3,00 €

3 zones


7,90 €

7,40 €

4,00 €

*Hilja tickets: If you travel outside of rush hour, you can use cheaper Hilja tickets. They are valid on Monday to Friday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. and after 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday all day. You can pay your Hilja ticket with cash or with mobile ticket, not by Waltti-card.

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